Sardinia Sailing Experience
Yoga on a Sailboat in Alghero
Boarding/Disembarking Point: Alghero
Boarding Day: To be scheduled
Disembarking Day: To be scheduled


The Yogic Sea, a Yogi experience on a sailboat with Carla Rizzu, 4 days and 3 nights to be in close contact with the wind, sea, land and sail, practicing ANUKALANA Yoga in a more than natural setting, the Natural Park of Porto Conte with its Protected Marine Area of Capo Caccia and Isola Piana, on the beautiful island of Sardinia. The teacher will accompany us in a unique experience in close contact with the nature and elements that surround it, we will be cradled by the sea, protected by the sky, embraced by the earth, and caressed by the wind while the skipper will accompany us safely to discover the most suggestive places of the territory. Anukalana yoga is the approach we will adopt, based on a methodical process of integration that respects Tradition giving space to innovation. ANUKALANA offers the possibility to practice Yoga in a fully natural way, in total respect of one’s physical and mental constitution, born from the research of experienced yogis also in the field of osteopathy, motor sciences, and Eastern traditions. The boat will be our home, our means of transportation, our space to isolate and unplug, we will alternate meditation, yoga practices, navigation, and relaxation with enthusiasm and a desire to relate and get involved.


1st Day
We will wait for you on the boat at the Marina of Alghero from 5:00 pm, we will hold a briefing to get to know our boat, plan the cruise according to weather and sea conditions, and at the end, we will sail to our first destination, a cove where we can drop anchor to spend our first night at anchor. After dinner, as every evening, we will be under the stars, and the evenings will be alternated by singing, meditating, or simply relaxing, accompanied by tea and herbal teas.

2nd Day
Wake up and meditation on the boat, we will transfer to the beach for Yoga practice with Sup and Tender, upon returning to our boat, we will have a good breakfast and prepare ourselves to spend the day between navigation and relaxation in the different coves between Alghero and Capo Caccia, in the evening before dinner there will be another Yoga session “Yogic Laboratory” where every day there will be a different session on land or on the boat, dinner and overnight on board at anchor in Porto Conte, after dinner Tea, Herbal teas, singing, listening, and starry sky.

3rd Day
As every morning at the wake-up time, we will meditate, we will transfer to the beach for Yoga practice with Sup and Tender, upon returning we will have a good breakfast and plan the day according to the weather, we will sail between Capo Caccia and Isola Piana, and for those who want to learn or deepen the technique of sailing, the skipper will be happy to teach him and make him safely conduct the boat. In the evening, as every evening, “Yogic Laboratory”, dinner, and overnight in the Marina of Porto Conte moored at the quay, after dinner, a walk to the lighthouse of Porto Conte to admire the starry sky.

4th Day
Wake up, put on your sneakers and take a Yogic walk to Punta Giglio. It’s about 3.5 km from the marina through a beautiful pine forest and Mediterranean scrub. We’ll practice Yoga at the top of the cape and have a packed breakfast with a beautiful view of the Bay of Alghero and Porto Conte. On the way back, we’ll take a detour to Bramassa Beach to spend a few hours. Once back on the boat, we’ll set sail with the wind to new shores. In the evening, we’ll have a “Yogic workshop,” dinner and stay overnight in the bay under the stars accompanied by tea, herbal infusions, and singing.

5th Day
The last wake-up call in silence. By now, we are one with the sea, the boat, and our fellow travelers. Meditation on the boat, transfer to the beach for Yoga practice with Sup, tender, or swimming. The last hearty breakfast on board, then we begin our return to Alghero, without hurry. We will disembark at the Port of Alghero at 6:00 pm, where a closing toast awaits us, hoping to meet again soon.

“The program is only indicative and is not intended to be stressful. Schedules and locations may vary depending on weather and the needs of the moment. The skipper and the instructor will plan the days to ensure that the activities can be carried out safely.”

Who can participate?
Anyone who has embarked on the precious journey of self-discovery is welcome! Anyone who loves being in contact with the true Mother Nature!

What to bring!
A mat, beach towel, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, hat, sneakers, sweatshirt, swimsuit, notebook and pen for notes, curiosity, vocal cords for singing, a switch to turn off the mind, enthusiasm, and a willingness to participate.

*For safety reasons, the skipper may vary the program depending on weather conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]